Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hyper Sonic Sound Technology

Hyper Sonic Sound (HSS) is a sound-generation technology that broadcasts your message directly to your intended audience. In contrast to conventional loudspeakers, HSS technology uses a directional ultrasonic column to produce sound exactly where you want it. Sound does not spread to the sides or rear of an HSS unit, eliminating the problem of uncomfortable and unwanted noise pollution produced by conventional speakers. Sound is directed only where it is intended to go. Visualize two people standing four feet apart at an art exhibit. One patron listens to a biography of a sculpture artist, while the other contemplates a painting in complete silence! HSS is like handing someone a set of head phones. By focusing sound in a tight column, HSS allows you to restrict sound to a specific area without imposing on nearby speaker focused on the area in front of only directory users to hear the corresponding audio.
                             The HSS Directional Audio System can operate in Direct Mode, a clear line of approach from the HSS unit to the target listener, and in Virtual Mode, projecting sound onto a sign, display or other object creating a Virtual Speaker.


Sound Bullets
Jack the sound level up to 145 decibels, or 50 times the human threshold of pain, and an offshoot of hypersonic sound technology becomes a non lethal weapon.
  Automobiles - HSS announcement device in the dash to beam alert signals directly to the driver
Audio/Video Conferencing - project the audio from a conference in four different languages, from a single central device, without the need for headphones.
 Paging Systems - direct the announcement to the specific area of interest
  Retail Sales - provide targeted advertising directly at the point of purchase
   Military Applications -ship to ship communications, ship-board announcements,

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